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Start, Acceleration, and Braking I
Difficulty: Easy
Gold's Time: 0:35.10
Silver's Time: 0:35.40
Bronze's Time: 0:35.80
Car: Volkswagon Beetle 2.0
Car's Drivetrain: Front Engine/Front Wheel Drive (FF)
          This test is about as simple as they come, bar none. Get on the throttle during the countdown, the launch hard and continue to use 100 percent throttle down the entire straight. When you hit the 965 meter mark - you'll know exactly when if you're watching your markers up top - give the Beetle some hard braking and you'll slide right into the goal area. If you do it correctly, you should just barely get past the finish line and earn the shortest possible time. If you go too fast and head into the goal area a bit too deep, you'll still probably pass the test but you'll end up with either a silver or bronze. The only way to fail this testis if you blow through the entire goal area and slam into the cones.

Start, Acceleration, and Braking II
Difficulty: Easy
Gold's Time: 0:25.60
Silver's Time: 0:25.80
Bronze's Time: 0:26.30
Car: Dodge Viper GTS
Car's Drivetrain: Front Engine/ Rear  Wheel Drive (FR)
          This test is very similiar to thee previous test, except you'll be racing in a tenacious Dodge Viper GTS instead of the Beetle 2.0. The Viper GTS has both better acceleration and braking power, so the test is considerably shorter. Be a little more acute, and use some spot-on response times to nail this test for the gold. Unlike the Beetle where you started braking at the 965 meter mark, the Viper GTS needs to begin braking at precisely the 875 meter mark. If you've got a really poor launch, then begin braking right around the 900 meter mark. Either way should grab you the gold and send you on your way to the first real test of the game, B-3.

Basics of Cornering I: FWD
Difficulty: Easy
Gold's Time: 0:31.10
Silver's Time: 0:31.40
Bronze's Time: 0:32.50
Car: Fiat Turbo Coupe Plus
Car's Drivetrain: Front Engine/Front Wheel Drive (FF)
Your first real test of cornering is an easy one. Just get on the throttle from the get-go, and rev your little Fiat up to around 5,500 RPM in fourth gear before you begin to brake and then slide through the turn. Plus or minus a few hundred RPM is common - we don't expect you to know where you're at. The only reason we mention it is because we analyzed our Analyzer after the race and saw where we were shifting and braking (a very good tip, by the way). Anyhow, if you're on target, you should only have to hold the brakes for about two full seconds before you jump on the gas and exit the corner at the perfect angle.Remember that if you leave the course with all four wheels at any point during the test, you fail.  

Basics of Cornering II: RWD
Difficulty: Easy
Gold's Time: 0:29.10
Silver's Time: 0:29.40
Bronze's Time: 0:31.00
Car: Honda S2000
Car's Drivetrain: Front Engine/Rear Wheel Drive (FR)
This is the same course and test as B-3, but with a much faster and more responsive car, the Honda S2000. The good thing is that the S2000 seems to have the perfect setup for this test, and there is little struggle with the car itself. Use the same techniques that you learned throughout B-3, except this time you'll be applying your brakes a bit earlier and at a higher RPM - 8,000 RPM in fourth gear to be exact. It's very easy to overshoot this corner the first few times through, but don't get discouraged. Simple braking techniques and RPM monitoring will win you the gold after a few practice runs. Like B-3, you'll instantly fail if you get too far into the grass or dirt.

Applied Cornering I: FWD
Difficulty: Easy
Gold's Time: 0:34.40
Silver's Time: 0:34.80
Bronze's Time: 0:36.20
Car: Honda Civic Type R (EK)
Car's Drivetrain: Front Engine/Front Wheel Drive (FF)
B-5 can be difficult if you're used to powering your way through turns and not actually using technique. As such, make it a priority to follow the guidelines expressed
in the last few license tests. You'll need tobe smooth on your brake to throttle movements, and even smoother on your racing lines if you want the gold. With a car like the Civic, there is no room for error. The "make or break" turn on this test is very last one (fourth) that leads to the finish line. If you can come out of the fourth turn with a decent amount of speed - something that's easy to say but not to do - the gold is yours. If all goes well, you should be crossing the finish line at the very peak of third gear.

Applied Cornering II: RWD
Difficulty: Easy
Gold's Time: 0:33.00
Silver's Time: 0:33.30
Bronze's Time: 0:34.70
Car: Mazda Eunos Roadster RS
Car's Drivetrain: Front Engine/Rear Wheel Drive (FR)
Again, this is a ramped test up version of the previous test, B-5, but with much faster and more responsive car. The Roadster RS is really the absolute perfect car for this test, and it seems like you don't even need to brake or concentrate on technique whatsoever. The Roadster really grabs when you want it to, enabling you to push an extra few hundred RPM'S out of each corner. But while earning the bronze is ridiculously easy, the gold can be quite a pain in the rear. Remember that the very last turn is the one that's either saving you or killing you. With some good exit speed and some practice on your line through the turns you're well on your way to victory.  
Basics of Complex Corners
Difficulty: Moderate
Gold's Time: 0:33.30
Silver's Time: 0:33.80
Bronze's Time: 0:35.40
Car: Honda S2000
Car's Drivetrain: Mid-Engine/Rear Wheel Drive (MR)
This was the first test we played that we didn't pass on the second try. And it's not because the task is demanding, but because the setting and the car are simply not adequate. In our tests, it was a constant battle between man and machine trying to get this darn thing to stay on the road. Anyhow, making due with what we had, we found it best to go full throttle mixed in with Poor Man's ABS (tapping the brakes instead of slamming on them) for the first half of the course, and then pull roughly 6,000 RPM through the last long-winding turn. As you cross the finish line you should be right up around seven grand or so. (All of this in 3rd gear of course.)

B Liscense Final Exam
Difficulty: Moderate
Gold's Time: 0:43.00
Silver's Time: 0:43.40
Bronze's Time: 0:46.00
Car: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II
Car's Drivetrain: Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Head through the first tunnel at a steady 7,000 rpm in second gear. If done correctly, you'll need to get on the brakes hard as you enter the S-curve. The real kicker on this test - which just so happens to be at the very end - is the fact that you'll need to slow up considerably for the 90-degree final turn that leads under through the tunnel. If you set yourself up to get some serious speed on the back half of this test, the first half doesn't really matter all that much. You don't have to worry about going out of bounds on this course, but you do have to say aware of the many hard walls and barriers placed throughout.   
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