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About Egerton's :

        CLIFFORD EGERTON GREENHOUSES is a family owned and operated business. Clifford Egerton is the president, his father, Oscar Egerton, founded the business in 1917. Clifford's wife, Elaine is the sectretary/treasurer and their son, Richard, is the vice president. In the beginning the company raised vegetables for restaurants in the New York area. As transportation became better this market dried up, forcing Egertons to look at other crops to grow. Cut flowers such as sweet peaas, snap dragons, chrysanthemum, asters, and gladious were some of the choices. By the early sixties it had become apparent that the family business would need to make some changes again. Cut flowers were being flown into the Baltimore market from warmer climates where labor was cheap, home gardening was gaining in popularity with the American publc and bedding plants were the next turn in the road. One problem, bedding plants production left six months of the year with nothing to do. What else would compliment the spring production of flowering material? Foliage plants! Year round demand. Throw in some seasonal flowering plants and you have the potpourii that we offer our customers in the Baltimore, Washington, and Annapolis area today.

        We welcome you to visit our 50 thousand square foot greenhouse range located in the Cub Hill area, one and half miles north of the Baltimore Beltway exit 31B (Harford Road North). You will see we grow, sell, and deliver seasonal flowering material such as poinsettias, cyclamen, primrose, orchids, azaleas, and violets. Easter flowering plants such as pot mums, lillies, hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils. Spring bedding plants such as geraniums, new guinea impatients, gerber daisies, tuberous begonias, and new introductions as well as the old stand-bys in market packs, pots, and hanging baskets. We also stock a wide variety of foliage plants in pots sizes from 3" to 14" and 6", 8", and 10" hanging baskets year round.

        Our employees hand pick the best plants available from our greenhouses for each order and allow the others to mature under ultimate growing conditions. Our customers get the cream of the crop, no the run of the mill, no runts, no seconds, no excuses! With the wide variety of plant material that we grow it is easy for our smaller customers to mke up an order. Orders are boxed in open boxes and loaded on our own trucks and delivered in a matter of a few short hours. This process insures that our customers get the healthiest most robust plants and vibrantly colored flowers. Orders do not sit in closed boxes in a warehouse or on a truck for five or six days before they are delivered. During busy holiday season deliveries may take slightly longer.

        Upon the rare occasion that a plant should slip by that is not up to your expectations, let us know, return the plant and we will give you a full credit or replace the plant whichever you prefer.

        We accept cash, check, or credit card payments, or with approved credit, an in house 30 day account can be opened.

        In order to earn you business we would like to offer you a 10% discount on your first order. Along with your first order you will recieve a coupon for a 10% off your second order.

       By offering you prompt delivery of greenhouse fresh plants and flowers at competitive wholesale prices, convenient payment terms and a hassle free return policy, with a 10% discount too boot, we hope to persuade you to give Egerton Greenhouses a try.


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